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Museum security in Amsterdam

A museum is a place with great value, not only price value but also cultural value. It is important that museums are properly secured. The security of a museum consists in particular of preventing theft or damage of art objects, access control and banning unwanted visitors. In addition, a security guard can also provide assistance or answer questions from visitors or perform hospitality tasks.

We can provide museum security in Amsterdam. We provide professional camera security, burglar alarms and ensure that visitors can safely enjoy the exhibitions. The right security guards are selected for museum security. They observe the visitors and address people who exhibit deviant behavior. In this way, we ensure that visitors feel safe and welcome in the museum.

In museums situations can occur with a higher risk with regard to safety. For example, heads of state or celebrities can visit a special exhibition or it is sometimes undesirable for a work of art to be placed in a display case because of the experience. At such moments professional security and a friendly and customer-oriented approach are of great importance.

ISM Security Amsterdam is happy to discuss the possibilities regarding museum security and develops a tailor-made security plan for you. We take into account the specific wishes and needs of the museum or special exhibition. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us via  06 – 22 87 62 96 of info@ismsecurity.

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