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Airport security

ISM Security Amsterdam is also available for airport security. Because of the high risk of flight, security is necessary. Airport security is a separate segment within the security world. The airport is a vulnerable place that requires proper regulation. Thousands of passengers depart from Schiphol every day; in addition, it is also an important hub for train traffic. Diligent and reliable security is of great importance here.


Airport security means securing passengers, baggage and aircraft. These include scanning of hold and hand luggage, checking of identification documents and a body scan.
For high-risk flights, additional security guards are deployed to notice and monitor suspicious persons. We can also provide support in preparing a risk analysis and security plan. In this way, both passengers and luggage can be secured in a friendly yet effective manner.

The right security guards are selected for the deployment of airport security. At airports, well-trained professionals matter. At ISM Security Amsterdam, we believe it is important for them to be friendly and customer-oriented.

We ensure that there are no unnecessary delays and a good flow of passengers is promoted without compromising on the quality of safety.

ISM Security Amsterdam will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you and draw up a customized security plan. For more information or to make an appointment, contact us at 06 – 22 87 62 96 or info@ismsecurity.


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