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What is mobile surveillance?

Who watches your grounds or building when everyone has gone home? Mobile surveillance is a security service that involves patrolling a property or area. These patrols can be conducted on foot or in a vehicle and usually involve checking for irregularities. Mobile surveillance can be used to deter crime, or to respond to a crime that has already been committed.

Why mobile surveillance?

Why mobile surveillance? Adequate follow-up to incidents or emergencies is an essential component when it comes to maintaining safety. Mobile Surveillance is a great way to keep an eye on your property and assets while you are not around. Thus, you reduce the chances of any burglaries, robberies or vandalism.


Why ISM security is your go to partner for mobile surveillance

ISM Security is a regional security company that provides mobile surveillance services to various industries, including government, education, healthcare, sports and retail. ISM Security is the perfect solution for all your mobile surveillance needs. With our mobile surveillance, you are assured of effective and efficient handling of alarm calls. After all, safety and security is our top priority.

What ISM Security offers in terms of mobile surveillance

Our security guards are happy to relieve you in the area of mobile surveillance. Our mobile surveillance services include:

  • Security Patrols: preventive in nature to deter malicious persons.
  • Opening and closing rounds: our security guards open and close at all possible locations and times.
  • Checks for irregularities: alarm follow-up and verification

ISM Security Amsterdam will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you and draw up a customized security plan. For more information or to make an appointment, contact us at 06 – 22 87 62 96 or .


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