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What is High Risk Security?

Today, in today’s political and social climate, circumstances requiring high-risk security are increasingly common. High Risk Security refers to securing high-risk locations. In doing so, the ultimate goal is to ensure that guests can safely enter a given location.

Why High Risk Security?

Why High Risk Security? At ISM Security, we understand that not all security needs are the same. Daarom bieden we High Risk Security-diensten aan onze klanten die een hoger beveiligingsniveau nodig hebben. With High Risk Security, you can rest assured that your guests and property are safe.


What ISM Security offers in the area of High Risk Security

ISM Security is a security organization focused on high-risk security. We provide security for our clients by welcoming and giving directions to guests, opening and closing the premises and conducting preventive, fire and lockdown rounds. We are also responsible for providing security at high-risk events. Our team consists of experienced people who can respond well to unsafe and high-risk situations. Thus, we are able to provide security guards who are ideally suited to work in these high-risk situations.

What ISM Security offers in the area of High Risk Security

Our security guards are happy to relieve you in the area of High Risk Security. Our services include:

  • Welcoming and informing guests.
  • Opening and closing the premises.
  • Conducting preventive, fire and lockdown rounds.

ISM Security Amsterdam will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you and draw up a customized security plan. For more information or to make an appointment, contact us at 06 – 22 87 62 96 or .


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